PGI Mallorca, White wine, 12% Alcohol


Manual collection in boxes of 12 Kg and field selection. Delicate destemming and second selection of the grapes. Light pressing under 1 Kg of pressure and during all this process inerting of CO2 gas to preserve the variety of aromas and the delicate compounds of the grape from oxidation. Static settling in isothermal tanks at 24-48 h and fermented in small volume stainless steel tanks. Temperature control during the whole process. Rest phase from 4 to 6 months on fine lees.


Clean and bright, pale straw coloured, with small greenish iridescences.

Medium to high intensity. Entrance with balsamic aromas and notions of white fruits, like a ripe melon. Touches of dry grass, fennel and a slight touch of citric fruits. certain nuances of hard-shell fruits appear.

Fresh and voluminous entrance with a certain tanicity and a glyceric final, medium acidity. fresh and pleasant finish, in retro nasal, again, the aromas of dry grass and fennel.


Chardonnay, Riesling and Moscatel

Minimum order 6 bottles, freely combinable.

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Weight 1 kg
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