Trip to Lanzarote and Tenerife

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Last Monday, November 11, we started our trip to the Canary Islands, accompanied by the president of Petit Cellers, Guillem Vicens, and other winemakers from Mallorca. On this trip we learned many new things about wine and we could see that not only in Mallorca the wineries are doing a great job to make a good wine and to commercialize it, but that also in other islands the same is being done despite similar difficulties and other particular related to the location.


We started this wine trip in Lanzarote where we could see with astonishment, how  in a volcanic, arid land with water problems, winemaker manage to make a tasty and quality wine, developing a complex cultivation system that consists of making holes in the ground to get closer to the most fertile land and protect the strains from the winds with stone walls. We were able to try all kinds of wines, with different elaboration systems, made from grapes such as Malavasia, Listán Blanco, Moscatel and Listán Negro among others, an authentic heroic work in which they use prefiloxeric free feet, having not had the same problem as in the European continent and in Islands like Mallorca. In Lanzarote we visited the wineries of Ell Grifo, Stratus and Rubicón.


Already in Tenerife, we observed how the weather influences in the terrain and the planting system, totally different from Lanzarote. With a terrace system, very similar to that which can be observed in certain places in Mallorca, but sometimes with traditional formations. We visited the Monje winery, in which, in addition to make a good wine, we saw how the ingenuity and enthusiasm of a person to take a project forward has developed an integral project in which the main protagonist is the wine. We continue to know more about the wine of Tenerife visiting wineries such as La Loma, Tajinaste, Tempus, Marba and Reverón, each of them special and with original quality wines.