About us

In the year 2014 Don Bernat Febrer, after a lifetime of hard work and effort, decides to retire from his business and undertake this new project that brings him back to his origins. With the energy that characterizes him and starting again from scratch, he buys some lands in Porreres and with the help of a renowned winemaker he gives the starting signal.

Bernat Febrer propietari de bodega Blanca Terra

From the beginning, his daughter María Antonia joins the project in the management and marketing part. Later, in 2016, when the first wine was released, Pedro Sansó, Don Bernat’s son-in-law, joined the project, as responsible person of the winery’s commercial and promotional development.

In 2019, additional plots and a building in Montuiri were acquired. The new bodega will be built here. In the same year, the construction work begins and from the original building only the outer walls and the roof remain. This winery will be equipped with high-technology machines and new equipment, focused on the wine tourism. Antique machines and tools associated with viticulture are also being acquired for the new museum. In the same year Joan Sanso Febrer, grandson of Mr. Bernat and son of María Antonia, starts working in the bodega. At first, he worked in all areas of the winery in order to acquire a deep business knowledge.

August 2020 the doors to the new bodega are open. And this year Bernat Sansó Febrer, Joan’s brother, also joins the project. He not only supports various areas of the bodega, but also takes control of the marketing department.

This project is in a continuous development, with the aim, among other things, to produce wines with local grape varieties, as well as sparkling wines and dessert wines.